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  • Google Apps Sync Tool for Outlook (GASMO)

    Google Apps Sync Tool for Outlook (GASMO)

    Migrating your Outlook or using Outlook with Google Apps has been made much simpler. Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook® (GASMO) is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook® 2003, 2007, or 2010 that lets you keep using Outlook to manage your Google Apps for Business or Education account. Specifically, Google Apps Sync syncs your mail, contacts, and calendar events between your Google Apps account in the cloud and your Google profile in Outlook, so you can access the same information at any time from either [...]

  • Six Steps to Building Your Local Business with Social Media

    Six Steps to Building Your Local Business with Social Media

    A few Ways to Use Social Media to Improve Your Local Search Results Social Media is increasingly an important component within overall SEO. At the local level, this means Social Networking sites like Facebook, video/photo sharing sites like YouTube and Flickr, communication platforms like Twitter, blogs, ratings and reviews to name a few. Marketers are no longer asking if they should be active in social media. They understand that user-generated content such as ratings and reviews are required elements of [...]

  • The Time for Mobile Is Now

    Mobile has finally delivered on its promise and it’s transforming our lives in almost every way; connecting our physical and digital worlds. But 79% of large online advertisers do not have a mobile optimized website. This makes is very hard for mobile users to find what they’re looking for–quickly and easily. Watch this video and learn five trends we’re seeing in mobile. As marketers, you’ll need to take action, so stay with us through the end and takeaway several steps [...]

  • Google Chat – Never run out of calling credit with auto-recharge

    Google Chat – Never run out of calling credit with auto-recharge

    Posted by Ilya Frank, Senior Software Engineer Cross-posted from the Google Voice Blog If you’re calling internationally from Gmail a lot, you may have noticed that your calling credit goes a very long way… which makes it easy to get caught off guard when it runs out. So based on your feedback, we implemented the ability to auto-recharge your account: just go to your billing page (click on the add credit link next to your balance) and select the recharge [...]

  • Customer-Driven Innovation & Transformative Ideas

    Customer-Driven Innovation & Transformative Ideas

    Julie Wittes Schlack is SVP of innovation and design at Communispace. You can follow her on Twitter @jwschlack or read her blog here. Numerous studies demonstrate that 70-80% of all new products fail. Lack of relevance, lack of differentiation, inappropriate pricing and muddled messaging all factor into a brand’s struggle when launching a new product. However, the ultimate judgment of new products falls to consumers, who, ironically, are often absent from the development process. That development stage stands the greatest [...]

  • Google Adds Enterprise Support For App Engine

    Google Adds Enterprise Support For App Engine

    Google has added enterprise-level support to its cloud-based App Engine platform, while also graduating various developer cloud tools from its Labs. On Tuesday, Google product manager Jessie Jiang posted a blog announcing the launch of Google App Engine Premier Accounts. Priced at $500 (£317) per month, the service includes “premier support”, a 99.95 percent uptime service level agreement (SLA) and the option of creating unlimited apps within the premier account domain. The standard App Engine is free in terms of recurring costs, although developers [...]

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