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  • MSP’s Listen Up: 5 Issues To Consider When Choosing Your Platform!

    Choosing a platform is going be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make as an MSP and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Much like any other Enterprise IT class of software, the MSP platform is a complex beast, with multiple layers of functionality and levels of process integration. It’ll become obvious that some Vendors are more capable than others, but unfortunately there are scarce impartial resources available both on and offline to help you make this decision.Detailing out a [...]

  • MSP’s Are Our Customers Being Educated?

    We’ve been marketing Managed IT Services at EveryMethod KitRx for long enough now to get an idea of what the general small business population is feeling about Managed Services (MSP). Initially we approached the market with the assumption that no-one really understood the concepts and therefore the true value of an MSP and that we would have to sift through the propspects to find the early adopters and price accordingly . We hoped that eventually the flush industry would take [...]

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