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  • Google Chat – Never run out of calling credit with auto-recharge

    Google Chat – Never run out of calling credit with auto-recharge

    Posted by Ilya Frank, Senior Software Engineer Cross-posted from the Google Voice Blog If you’re calling internationally from Gmail a lot, you may have noticed that your calling credit goes a very long way… which makes it easy to get caught off guard when it runs out. So based on your feedback, we implemented the ability to auto-recharge your account: just go to your billing page (click on the add credit link next to your balance) and select the recharge [...]

  • New Google Apps Exchange Tools

    New Google Apps Exchange Tools

    Google is making it a lot easier for customers of Microsoft Exchange to go Google with Apps. Google Apps Migration for Microsoft® Exchange is a new server-side tool that migrates your company’s email, calendar and contact data from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps. With the tool, migrations are: Easy: set it up in just 4 steps • Efficient: select the combination of mail, calendar and contact data that you want to move, with the option of doing so in phases [...]

  • How come I get email (Spam) that’s not addressed to me?

    How come I get email (Spam) that’s not addressed to me?

    I’ve been asked about this so often that I thought I’d compile some info on the subject to clarify How come I get email (Spam) that’s not addressed to me? *Spammers *are doing everything they can to get their garbage in front of you. And that means using and abusing every tool at their disposal. One of those tools is something that’s available to you and me* (*actually I just used it in this email*) *when we send messages as [...]

  • Blackberry shortcuts

    ******probably plagiarized****If you’re new to the BlackBerry world (which I am) , you are surely overwhelmed with all the buttons and ports on your device. You are learning things as you go, finding out something new everyday. Well you may or may not know that there are a multitude of keyboard shortcuts for your device that will help you speed through many things on your BlackBerry in no time at all. Here we will take a look at some of [...]

  • Updates for 1st Quarter 2008 – R.I.P Cornelius Pickering

    A year ago everyone in the company was reeling from the death of our much loved co-worker and close friend, Cornelius Pickering, to a random skateboarding accident. This devastating loss has tended to make everyone take stock and show a renewed interest in their personal and work life. I’m confident that it will be a positive experience for all when all is said and done – it certainly reinforces my philosophy of Yourself, Family and Work in that order. He [...]

  • Symantec Cooperates, Competes With MSP Partners

    I have just finished reading another great post by Joe Panettieri of MSPMentor, my new favorite MSP Industry online blog/publication. Joe speaks to Symantec’s forthcoming production release of the SaaS product called Symantec Protection Network (SPN), which should be clearly differentiated from it’s existing Managed Security Services (MSS) Managed Security product targeting larger Enterprises. This time one hopes Symantec is able to get the branding clearer, as the term Managed Security Services or MSS is actually being used by no [...]

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