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  • Remove ICPP Copyright Violation Alert Malware

    Remove ICPP Copyright Violation Alert Malware

    A currently ongoing ransomware campaign is using a novel approach to extort money from end users whose PCs have been locked down. By pretending to be the fake ICPP Foundation (icpp-online.com), the ransomware locks down the user’s desktop issuing a “Copyright violation: copyrighted content detected” message, which lists torrent files found on the infected PC, and forces the user to pay $400 for the copyright holder’s fine, emphasizing on the fact that “the maximum penalties can be five years in [...]

  • CNN Alert Spam – Avoid Vundo infection

    KitRx at EveryMethod is cleaning at least two or three infections of a new strain of the Vundo virus each week. Our managed systems are all protected with Anti-Malware/Virus software but they seem to make no difference and even cause further complications. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that Anti-virus software is practically useless against any elective installed Malware like these variants of Vundo. I cannot remember the last time any of these overhyped, under performing software packages actually found [...]

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