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KitRx® by EveryMethod is a managed “localsourcing” service consultancy for IT, computer repair, Google Apps migrations and software development. We have successfully served San Diego’s small business since 1999 by being a true partner in system planning, consulting, implementation and technical strategy. Our clients trust their technology to us simply because we align our interests with them. This is our fundemental core philosophy, and we won’t recommend you spend your money unless we are 100% sure of the benefits.

Efficiency is the cornerstone of the KitRx philosophy of using technology to manage technology. Without the most advanced systems in place most of what we do would be virtually impossible. We often take credit for our quality of service but without advanced systems we would be in the same predicament as most IT service providers are in today. Our competitors inability to respond in a secure and efficient manner makes us stand out in the crowd. We have segmented our offerings into a few compartments.

KitRx managed services



KitRx® provides a cost-effective solution for managing, controlling, analyzing, planning and administering IT business functions such as anti-virus, anti-spyware and patch deployments and maintenance.

KitRx® exploits the best of the latest technology—including Kaseya-patented connection algorithms and Virtual System Administration “VSA” methods, MS IIS, SQL Server, TCP/UDP and other technologies.

KitRx’s integrated web-based platform provides the following benefits:

Organizations can implement IT procedures, policies and practices in a single web-based point to multi-point network;There is a single framework for the implementation of IT policies, procedures and methods across distributed networks.



KitRx® allows companies to securely take charge of their infrastructure and transparently and remotely manage servers, desktops, mobile devices (notebooks and hand-helds), homebased desktops and embedded systems—all from a central management console. The KitRx® architecture that serves as the foundation for KitRx® is extremely secure, ensuring through its design that firewalls, encryption and secure access are maintained at the highest, best practices, level.  This maximum security profile (256bit SHA-1 rolling encryption) extends to the agents themselves, which initiate all communications back to the server and are therefore invulnerable to incoming third-party or man-in-the-middle attacks.  Since there are no plain-text data packets passing over the network, there is nothing available for an attacker to exploit. Remote Access is elective on all but unattended Servers and can be disabled easily.

KitRx® will be customized to your organization’s needs and can be deployed not in days or weeks, which is true for many systems, but in minutes and hours.  Whatever configuration your business needs, it will include automated and remote systems management and comprehensive functionality and flexibility.

KitRx® builds automation into the systems deployment and management process by mirroring best practices associated with the provisioning of services; automating repetitive work by machine-driven tasks and processes. The benefits of this unique approach to real-time, web-based IT task and process management.

KitRx® is:

  • Unobtrusive
  • Secure
  • Supported by qualified engineers


The KitRx® architecture is central to providing maximum security. Each managed system has a light-weight agent installed that initiates all communications back to the server. Since the agent will not accept any inbound connections, it is impossible for a third-party application to attack the agent from the network.


KitRx® does not need any input ports opened on client machines. This lets the agent do its job in any network configuration without introducing susceptibility to inbound port probes or new network attacks.


KitRx® protects against man-in-the-middle attacks by encrypting all communications between the agent and server with 256-bit RC4 using a key that rolls every time the server tasks the agent (typically at least once per day). Since there are no plain-text data packets passing over the network, there is nothing available for an attacker to exploit.

KitRx Access

Administrators access the KitRx® server through a Web interface after a secure logon process. The system never sends passwords over the network and never stores them in the database. Only each administrator at EveryMethod knows his or her password. The client side combines the password with a random challenge, issued by the KitRX server for each session, and hashes it with SHA-1. The server side tests this result to grant access or not. This unique random challenge protects against a man-in-the-middle attack sniffing the network, capturing the random bits and using them later to access the KitRx® server.

Online Access

The KitRx web system itself is protected by KitRx’s security management features. The scans are run on the KitRx® server every day and as soon as new patches are released, KitRx® automatically detects new patches and applies them automatically. Finally, for maximum Web security, the KitRx® Server Web pages fully support operating as an SSL web site.

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